Benedikt Boehm – Extreme mountaineer & CEO of Dynafit

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

  • Extreme Sport
  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy
  • Risk

In authentic and breathtaking lectures, Benedikt tells how to survive in the death zone with the utmost precision, efficiency and uncompromisingness.

Benedikt Böhm is an extreme mountaineer and international managing director of ski touring brand Dynafit.

Both in sports and in his business life, he meticulously plans ambitious goals and works rigorously and passionately on implementation.

Benedikt Böhm studied in both the United States and England; however, what proved to be most valuable to his management career was his zeal for pushing the limits in the mountains, to be an adventurer on the edge.

How do you handle yourself in exceptional situations?

What role do fear and courage play?

How do you conquer fear along the path to a large goal?

Benedikt Böhm’s presentations are filled with breath-taking images and short video clips with rare footage of the highest summits of the world. He describes the unique nature of working with a team in the “death zone,” as well as leading a team that is a part of management.
In his presentations he gives answers to questions like :

How do I prepare myself to reach such an utopian goal to climb an 8000 meter high mountain in such a short time without artificial oxygen ?

How do I build up an inner ‘momentum’ to overcome the seemingly impossibility and how am I able to calculate the risks the best way ?

What part plays speed by minimizing the risk but also patience and flexibility with large projects ?

How do we behave under absolute exceptional circumstances? Which part plays fear and courage ?

How do I overcome fear on my way to higher goals?

What is essential and what is only important respectively what can be cut out?

Why means innovation for Böhm primarily ‘easiness’ not only as a mountaineer but also in business matters and maybe even in his private life ?

What does it take to find new paths and lead a change successfully and how do we get back to our original attitude after a harsh battering?

In his thrilling talks, Benedikt Böhm manages with finesse to develop ties between the world of extreme mountaineering with its so-called “death zone” and the business world.