Brendan Hall – Round The World Yacht Race Skipper

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Brendan’s Speaker Themes that can be applied to businesses, their leaders and their employees:-

Leadership under pressure

Teamwork in times of change & adversity

Collaboration & Trust

Emotional Intelligence & Psychological Safety


Round the World Yacht Race Winning Skipper

In 2009, Brendan skippered a racing yacht in the ultimate long-distance challenge, The Clipper Round the World Yacht race – a 35,000-mile circumnavigation of the globe, contested by amateur crews in identical racing yachts.

Teamwork Expert

Although Brendan was the youngest and least experienced skipper in the race, his team won it in convincing fashion.

They didn’t win because Brendan was the best sailor or strategist, but because he created the most engaged and empowered on-board culture, with a compelling vision, strong values and a continuous-improvement mindset.

Keynote Speaker

Brendan is an international keynote speaker, who shows organisations, from start-ups to Multinationals how to positively develop their own internal culture, in the face of change, disruption and uncertainty.

Acting as a creative catalyst, he unlocks the latent potential within teams, helping develop resilience, connection, collaboration and better leadership.

Brendan is of only 10 people in the world to lead the winning team in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race – an epic 40,000 mile ocean sailing race around the planet where the strongest teamwork always wins.

Brendan is trusted to deliver inspiration & outcomes by some of the world’s most exceptional organisations – PWC, Toyota, GSK, Nestle, Financial Times, Tesco & Lloyds Banking Group.

He is an adjunct lecturer at Ashridge Executive Education and Cranfield Business Schools.

In his speeches, Brendan explores the driving forces behind his team’s extraordinary result, including a focus on embracing change, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, autonomy, trust and creating a culture of full ownership.

A superb presenter and a natural storyteller, Brendan’s sessions are a mixture of psychology, teamwork & leadership practice, wrapped in an engrossing globe-spanning story that keeps his audience on the edge of their seat.

He is the author of Team Spirit: Life & Leadership On The World’s Toughest Yacht Race (Bloomsbury, 2012).

What You Get From Brendan

A Captivating, Relatable Story

This isn’t a ‘hero’ story from the rarefied world of elite sports.

This is the story of team of normal, relatable people growing as a team, learning how to collaborate in better ways and going on to achieve success.

Brendan’s team didn’t win because he was the best sailor or strategist, but because together they created a collaborative, change-embracing culture, that stayed focused on their vision, fostered ownership and became stronger after every adversity they faced.

Actionable Teamwork Take-Aways

In his speeches, Brendan shares his methodology, equipping your leaders & teams with the same behaviours, strategies and tools his team used to successfully navigate change, become more collaborative and consistently deliver their best performance.

Outcomes That Stick

The success of Brendan’s speech isn’t just on the day, it’s what change gets created and still makes an impact six months later.

Using memorable models and ‘sticky’ phrases that get used & repeated back in the office, Brendan’s speech becomes a shared reference point for positive change.

Brendan brought an impactful real-world story that wrapped up our conference perfectly.


Delivery: F2F & Virtual Sessions.

Keynotes from 30-90 minutes & workshops from 2 hours to full-day.