Christina Bengtsson – Global thought leader on topic of focus

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Christina’s Mission?

To Help The World Reclaim Focus™

A worthy pursuit: To show the power of a mind in focus and to reclaim this innate skill within our minds and in society.

In a world competing for attention at every turn, the ability to focus, will be one of the most important skills in the future.

Having a focused mindset and the courage to concentrate on what’s meaningful can be life and world changing.

As a Focus Role Model I’ll teach you to master this vital skill.

Learn From A World Leader

Christina teaches us how to respect our attention and stop wasting our focus on past events and future worries.

Learn skills to do the right thing in the right time—every time.

Paying attention to each moment opens our consciousness and intellect in new and exciting ways so we can work smarter, lead with empathy, and experience gratitude at the deepest level.

Christina Bengtsson is an author, international speaker, military officer and precision shooting World Champion.

With her exceptional background, international reach and acclaimed book “The Art of Focus – 10.9,” Christina is considered a global thought leader on the topic of focus.

Modern society is plagued by a lack of focus, and it’s costing us dearly.

Christina has the tools to help us regain command of this crucial ability in both the short-and long-term to live a more fulfilling, purposeful and balanced life.

Most recently, she has been employed within the National Defense College in Stockholm and is currently a part of the faculty for the Stockholm School of Economics Executive International Program.

She has spent her whole career exploring focus – an essential skill in today’s society with its intensive demands on performance – and its application to both our professional and personal lives.

From the individual to society at large, it’s time to reclaim our focus.

Talks & Topics

Focus Unleashes Our Potential

Following Christina ́s career as a military officer and world champion precision shooter to a global thought leader, she has devoted her life to helping others master focus ––an essential skill in today’s fractured society.

Focus is connected to our ability to listen, learn, feel empathy and be strong willed about what we can and want to support.

Find Your Center

The modern world is full of distractions that will only increase in the future.
As we lose the ability to focus, we’re letting golden opportunities for success and connection slip away.

Christina addresses focus as it relates to workplace harmony, leadership potential, and building social bonds without sacrificing your values.

Discover how a mind in focus is our most important asset

World Leader FOCUS

The global workforce, the future of work and the world economy will face challenges—and opportunities—that will require both individual and united focus.

To meet these challenges, we need to Reclaim Focus™ and to protect humans’ cognitive potential.

Focus is the only trustworthy medicine against both individual and societal fragmentation.

A sustainable world includes sustainable people with a healthy attitude towards their fellow human beings, towards society and towards our future.

Team Leadership FOCUS

A successful team begins at the top.

As a leader in your organization, you’re responsible for taking your team from a collective blur to a united focus.

When you encourage employees to stretch their creativity, connect to their own core values, and complete projects with quality, you’ll discover a wealth of innovation.

You’ll also discover what’s been irrelevant all along.

Learn how a focused mindset, free to explore, can guide your team towards the bigger picture with less stress and worry.

World Champion FOCUS

Being the best –– in sports or business –– requires five key skills you can master with a focused mindset.

As a world champion in your arena, you must learn to handle pressure like a pro, appreciate small wins, control your emotions, relish failure, and always remain humble.
Sound impossible?

You’re probably closer than you think.

As you strengthen your inner core, and stay true to your deepest values, you’ll lead your team to victory with clarity and purpose.

Workplace FOCUS

Between the steady stream of emails and looming deadlines, it’s no surprise that our minds wander.
Add to the mix a pro-multitasking mindset, and you’ve got the perfect storm for decreased productivity and quality.

Believe it or not, the best way to develop a focused mindset at work is to embrace empathy.
Being fully present with colleagues, tuning into facial expressions and body language, allows distractions to fade away.

Best of all, a workplace built on empathy helps everyone focus on long-term success, which results in greater returns.


Our World is Experiencing a Lack of Focus. This hidden crisis threatens your ability to meet your future with your best potential.

Focus is the ability to resist impulses, exercise self-discipline, control attention and maintain cognitive control.

What follows is presence, attentiveness and empathy.

When I left the sports and military arenas and I met another world, I saw a lack of these traits.

Christina stepped into a world where short-term attitudes, quick-fixes, fragmentation, even attention addiction and time poverty, were the norm.

She decided that something must be done.

She must help the world Reclaim Focus.

A dedication to strengthening this vital skill must be a priority within our self to improve society as a whole.

Her mission is to highlight this important societal issue of today.

Her aim is to help individuals and organizations regain lost focus and contribute to a healthy and sustainable society.

What one skill led me to gold medals in precision shooting and success beyond the podium?
It was the ability to have a focused mindset.