Christina Bengtsson – The Art of Focus

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Christina Bengtsson is an author, international speaker, military officer and precision shooting World Champion. With her exceptional background, international reach and acclaimed book “The Art of Focus – 10.9,” Christina is considered a global thought leader on the topic of focus.

Modern society is plagued by a lack of focus, and it’s costing us dearly. Christina has the tools to help us regain command of this crucial ability in both the short-and long-term to live a more fulfilling, purposeful and balanced life.

Most recently, she has been employed within the National Defense College in Stockholm and is currently a part of the faculty for the Stockholm School of Economics Executive International Program.

She has spent her whole career exploring focus – an essential skill in today’s society with its intensive demands on performance – and its application to both our professional and personal lives.

From the individual to society at large, it’s time to reclaim our focus.