Giselle Mota – Principal, Future of Work at ADP

Inspirational Keynote Speaker -

Currently working on these areas through serving as:

  • Ambassador for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ ADP
  • Future of Work Chair @ Innovation Collective Board
  • Artificial Intelligence Leadership Council @ AI4 Board
  • Accelerate Latinx @ Interise
  • Disability Inclusion Chair @ ADP THRIVE BRG Board

Who is Giselle?

Giselle Mota is a forward-thinking innovative strategist and dynamic presenter.

She brings simplicity, humanity and innovative perspective to the sometimes abstract and complex topic of all things future of work; from artificial intelligence, automation, data analytics, skills, diversity equity and inclusion, and many other relevant trends to the ever-evolving world of work.

She currently is a Principal Consultant on the Future of Work at ADP. As an industry leader, she assists executives and HR practitioners with innovative human capital management strategies amidst digital disruption.

Giselle Mota inspirational speaker

Deep domain experience and expertise in training and consulting has led Giselle to contribute to a broad spread of academic, small business, and corporate spaces.

Throughout her career, Giselle has been a keynote and speaker alongside transformation leaders from Google, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, Amazon and LinkedIn and many other organizations.

She’s called upon to share her deep knowledge and experience to giving a voice to diversity, equity and inclusion which can be observed through her presentations at SHRM, Evanta, Singularity University, MIT, Perdue University, Pluralsight Live, among several other global HR, future of work, and diversity conferences and events.

She has also been featured in Forbes, Cheddar TV, McLean Co. Future of Work Report, ERE, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, TED Talks, and ADP publications.

With a Master’s in Business with a focus on Organizational Design and Change Management, and Bachelor’s in Business Management & Marketing, Giselle enjoys contributing to innovation and impacting organizational and individual success, as well as serving underserved communities and advocating for diversity equity and inclusion, always finding ways to use tech and strategies for the good of all people and a positive future of work.

Giselle Mota inspirational speaker