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Welcome to the future of live entertainment. Virtuosa offers a cutting edge, industry leading live show that breaks every rule and defies every convention.

If you’re searching for live entertainment that truly sets your event apart from the rest, you need look no further. This show is a performance experience the likes of which you have never even seen before – offering up a spellbinding solo live show that you and your guests are certain to never forget.

Virtuosa is a stunning musical project from world renowned session performer Ben Scott. Ben boasts a formidable resumé, having featured on multiple platinum selling records and performing across the globe alongside some of the biggest names in music. Now, he brings his virtuosic talents to bear on a totally unique, world-class live music experience.

Utilising leading-edge musical tech, as well as his own peerless musicality, Ben weaves together pitch perfect re-imaginings of some of your favourite modern chart hits – completely solo. He’ll assemble each song right before your very eyes, piecing together each tune with energy, power and an unmistakable, charismatic swagger. This breathless live show combined with Ben’s consummate professionalism and touring-level stage production means Virtuosa is a great entertainment option for events of any scale.