Ade McCormack – Digital Strategist

Topical keynote Speakers & Experts -

Ade McCormack is an experienced motivational speaker. He is known for his engaging, thought provoking and inspiring approach to alerting audiences as to what lies ahead. Specifically, Ade:
Provides both a ‘zoom out’ perspective on what is happening, coupled with ‘zoom in’ guidance on how to capitalise on the changes.

Has a strong sense of what lies ahead, and so can give you a competitive advantage.

Is a former technologist who today works with senior executives. His deep ‘bits to boardroom’ grasp of digital matters can be applied to the needs of your audience.

Has a compelling and engaging delivery style, which will energise and inspire your audience.

Your audience will enjoy a motivational experience from an established in-demand public speaker. It is worth mentioning that Ade:

  • Is an expert on digital matters.
  • Can cover themes that are at or near the intersection of people, leadership and technology.
  • Can deliver to audiences ranging from new entrants through to senior executives.
  • Can deliver to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Has expertise in respect of what makes an event a great success.
  • Has delivered to audiences across the world.
  • Can provide one of his books as an event memento for each delegate.