Allister frost – The ‘future ready mindset’ speaker

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5 Steps to Success in a World of Change

Audience takeaways

  • Why you’re “ReadyAlready” for unstoppable change 
  • The 5 Steps to Success for future readiness 
  • How to rediscover your beginner’s mind and a world of fresh possibilities 
  • Why humble curiosity keeps you one step ahead of technology forever 
  • How to spark a perpetual cycle of future-ready innovation 

About Allister Frost

Allister Frost is a pioneer of digital transformation and Microsoft’s former Head of Digital Marketing Strategy. 

As a professional event speaker, he brings fresh ideas and new perspectives that encourage his audiences to embrace the future with self-belief and confidence. 

Allister’s award-winning talks inspire people to think, feel, and act differently. 

His mission is simple: to give others the skills and habits they need to become future ready for life!

Talk synopsis

With change coming at us faster than ever, organisations need ambitious, creative, future-facing people to accelerate them towards fresh success in our technology-driven future. 

Worryingly though, a recent study by Gartner found 58% of the workforce need new skills just to get their existing jobs done, and 80% feel poorly prepared for the future. 

There’s work to be done! 

In his inspiring ‘5 Steps to Success in a World of Change’ keynote performance, former Microsoft leader Allister Frost shares his positive mindset for change and a practical framework to help teams race with confidence towards whatever the future may hold. 

And, surprisingly, the key to long-term success often lies in improving joyfully low-tech, human skills like curiosity and open-mindedness, and rediscovering our sense of wonder in the possible. 

Allister shows us how.

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