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Caspar Craven is a leading authority in Achieving Big Bold Goals through High-Performance Teamwork.

He understands first hand, the importance of putting people first in order to achieve big bold goals.

He understands because he has made every mistake in the book on the way to achieving a number of big bold goals.

He has lived what he talks about.

He’s obsessed with what it takes to set, tackle and achieve big bold goals. In my 30 plus years of experience in building and leading teams to achieve big bold goals, he has experienced many different businesses and environments.

Importantly, he has consistently found that the most successful leaders and teams are the ones who recognise that we are all building two teams – a team at work AND a team at home.

His experiences have covered businesses of all sizes and, having started out as an entrepreneur at 14, I’ve built and led teams in global corporations, start-up businesses, struggling businesses and high growth businesses.

This includes 10+ years in Professional Services including five years at KPMG Corporate Finance and several stints as a CFO.

Additionally, he’s built multiple successful ventures from scratch, one of which I sold for a seven-figure sum.

Caspar has also twice sailed around the world – the first time on a trophy-winning racing yacht and the second time with my family team – his wife and three children under the age of ten.

This admittedly unique mix of experiences prompted me to wonder why family teamwork is so rarely spoken about in business when it offers so many powerful insights and ideas about how to build thriving teams at work.

Both involve putting people first knowing that results will follow.

Talks & Topics

Think Big. Think Bold. How to Achieve the Impossible

Topics: Leadership, High-Performance Teamwork, Ambitious Goals

Perfect for: Sales Kick Offs, Annual Kick Offs, Industry and Association Events, Inspirational Speaker Series, Customer Events

Michelangelo once said, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”.

In a time when 87% of organisations cite culture and engagement as one of their top leadership challenges (Deloitte Research), how do you galvanise your team to set, tackle and achieve goals that others dismiss as impossible?

In this tailored, visual and highly memorable keynote, Caspar Craven takes your audience on a journey fuelled with humility, stories and humour to discover the power of unleashing the extraordinary human potential in every person in your organisation.

The journey is one of understanding what it takes to engage and unite a team behind a compelling vision of the future.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to create engagement around your vision of the future
  • The crucial mindset shift needed to tackle any ambitious goal
  • How to handle setbacks in challenging times in a way that catapults you past your competitors
  • Simple actionable techniques to understand the driving forces for each person on your team
  • How to create high-performance teamwork as the standard for your team.

Be more Human: Re-thinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork

Topics: Leadership, Teamwork, Mental Health, Humanising the Workforce, Ambitious Goals

Perfect for: Employee Teamwork and Collaboration Events, Global Conferences, Client-Facing Events, Corporate Meetings, Associations

The world and business are changing daily through disruption to the way we work and changing business models. Deloitte Human Capital Trends found that despite the billions spent annually on Leadership Development, 80% of the programmes simply did not work.

The message is clear: there is one competitive advantage above all else that you and your business must develop – your people.

In this tailored, visual and highly memorable keynote, Caspar Craven takes your audience on a journey to discover the power of unleashing the most potent force in your organisation through understanding what it means to be more human.

Your audience will learn:

  • why it has to be people first and results will follow
  • new ways to build the resilience and commitment of your team
  • new techniques for learning and skills acquisition
  • how to move from a blame culture to building trust
  • simple actionable techniques for shaping daily habits for the team

Time to Change Tack – Developing Agility and Resilience

Topics: Resilience, Change, Agility, Culture, Transformation, Leadership, High-Performance Teamwork

Perfect for: Internal Leadership Events, Customer and User Conference, Association and Industry Events.

Disruption is everywhere as business and the world evolves at the speed of light. Change is no longer an optional idea, it’s an essential skill set that needs to run through every organisation.
Research by MIT found that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile firms.

What does it take to create a resilient and agile workforce that can out perform your competition and attract and retain the best talent and clients?

In this tailored, visual and highly memorable keynote, Caspar Craven takes your audience on a journey to discover what it takes to create a resilient and agile workforce capable of achieving ambitious goals in the face of a fast moving disruptive market.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to alter course and keep your team on board in uncertain/changing conditions
  • Learn how to side step emotional black holes and take extreme ownership in any situation
  • Develop strategies to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team.
  • Empower your teams to make brave decisions and learn why change can be the best thing for your business
  • Simple actionable techniques for shaping daily habits for the team
  • How to move from a blame culture to building trust

The feedback from our audience was phenomenal.

Peter Richardson – MD Protiviti

I honestly believe people would have stayed for hours to ask questions!

Chris Tucker – Head of Channel Management at Sage