Chris Baréz-Brown – Founder of Upping Your Elvis

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Described by The Guardian as a long-haired, twinkly eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard, Chris Baréz-Brown’s natural ability to uncover everyone’s inner genius helps people to get their energy right every day, so they can achieve more through their own talents and be extraordinary, all whilst driving bottom line results.

Fascinated by what makes people and businesses tick, he challenges convention to help embed a more human and energetic culture at the heart of any workplace; so that work and life become a fun and fruitful ride.

Chris started his career in the British Army, but quickly realised he was a lover and not a fighter. Taking an about turn into brand management, innovation and leadership, he spent over a decade as a director of global consultancy What If! Innovation.
Inspired by Bono’s signature question who’s Elvis round here? (meaning who’s the maverick around here that makes things happen), and driven by the belief that everyone has a bit of Elvis in them, he established the global consultancy Upping Your Elvis.

Regularly working with global brands including Nike, Coca-Cola, Diageo and Unilever, Chris has helped establish huge shifts in working practices; including enhancing employees’ focus, initiating positive interactions amongst colleagues and increasing the number of people pro-actively seeking feedback. His work is featured in the Harvard Business Review, as a paradigm for how getting your energy right produces tangible returns on investment.

As a keynote speaker, Chris challenges people, businesses and organisations to embed a more human and energetic culture at the heart of everything they do.

He seeks to bring out the potential in everybody and for them to leave inspired, energised, thinking a little differently about the world and equipped with tangible skills to deploy both at work and play.

His keynote topics include but are not limited to:

Change/ Culture:

We aren’t designed for business, but we can make it fit us.

Learn how to work with your human design, making work and life a fun and fruitful ride.
Chris shares tips and techniques that are proven to deliver more impact, clarity and energy, all supported with a digital programme to lock-in the learnings.

Get Your Energy Right

Make every day more easy and impactful by getting your energy working for you. By increasing their awareness Chris helps people make work more human, creative and fun, whilst driving bottom-line results…


What’s needed here?

Learn new, energetic and innovative behavioural approaches which can be applied to any issues you face as a leader. Build your awareness so you can consciously ask the question ‘what’s needed here?’


Untangle Thinking, Unlock Wellbeing.

95% of how we feel comes from our subconscious, which means most of us have no idea why we’re having a good day or a bad day.Learn how ‘Talking It Out’ can help to untangle your subconscious thoughts and emotions, giving you a clearer perspective on life and connecting you more deeply with who you are and how you’re living.

Chris is the author of 5 books all written with the aim of helping the reader reconnect with their inner genius.