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Claudiu Popa is the principal Risk Advisor for Informatica Corporation.
As an information security and privacy professional, he works with board-level executives to implement enterprise risk strategies, help define and implement industry standards, and to build security and privacy awareness to protect the most valuable intangible asset in the global economy: information.

Claudiu knows what it takes to protect data and digital information: he has lectured at major academic institutions, presents lectures on privacy the University of Toronto, created Canada’s first course on fintech cybersecurity.

He created Canada’s first methodology for information security assessment in healthcare and has introduced security awareness education to companies of all sizes.

Claudiu is a published author and a frequent guest and technology contributor to national media of all things involving cybersecurity, privacy and online safety.

A certified professional across many facets of information technology and data protection, Claudiu Popa is also an academic researcher who speaks authoritatively on diverse topics ranging from social media ethics to immediately applicable advice for preventing catastrophic situations.

Claudiu explains complex topics in concise terms, eliminating technobabble in favour of substance. His timely presentations help to shine a spotlight on today’s most important trends, helping audiences stay ahead of the curve & be prepared for future shifts.

Claudiu is very entertaining, and a great presenter. Fabulous person and very interesting individual.

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Impact Clarity: The Information Security & Privacy Landscape

Popa believes that proper corporate governance is entirely dependent on awareness and accountability. Intimately understanding the risks to an organization offers clear visibility months and years in advance by simply analyzing trends in security and privacy.

Based on research performed every quarter, Popa elevates the awareness of business leaders and provides a clear outlook into the risks and opportunities faced by individual industries, sectors and enterprises. The “Landscape” is a board-level presentation that can energize an workforce and inform any professional audience.

The “Internet of Things” and YouIt’s here, it’s unstoppable and it’s great! 10 scenarios of unauthorized data collection that will surprise you – along with 7 new principles to protect public privacy and human rights.

Workshop | Internet Security for Your Business

This corporate training program is a comprehensive introduction to security threats, best practices for protecting corporate information and the foundation of a proactive security strategy.

Workshop | Information Privacy Awareness for Employees

Canada’s focus on the protection of customer information is the key driver for new laws, media coverage, and information security initiatives.

This essential course introduces employees at all levels to Canadian privacy legislation, responsibilities for protecting client and employee records, and specific strategies and policies for compliance management.