Daniel Bobroff – The Future of Retail

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One of the world’s leading retail technology speakers, Daniel Bobroff believes in the power of everyone to be a game changer.

Passionate about the digitalization of retail and the changing customer experience, his unusual journey has led to a unique perspective that informs many of the world’s best-known retailers, agencies and brands. He is motivational and visionary, but always provides a roadmap.

Daniel is the founder of Coded Futures, a creative technology advisory firm focused on the future of retail, and formerly the co-founder and Investment Director of ASOS Ventures, the online fashion company’s venture capital division.

In over two decades as an innovator, entrepreneur, mentor and investor, he has pioneered advertising in video games, developed chart topping video games that sold in their millions, and is, today, a leading thought leader and keynote speaker in the world of retail and fashion technology.

Daniel is acknowledged as the pioneer of in-game advertising – “selling Mario to the admen” – starting an advertising medium that is today an eight-billion-dollar market. He built Microtime, the first – and for over a decade the leading – digital advertising agency for in-game advertising and advergaming.

Close contact to the gaming world led Daniel to build and lead Deibus Studios, a video games developer with studios in both the UK and France and which emerged as a leading talent for extreme sports, creating games for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, achieving combined sales in excess of 50 million units.

Daniel has founded, invested in and led companies within a range of innovative technologies including virtual reality, visual search, e-commerce and ad-tech.
At the world-leading online fashion retailer ASOS, Daniel created the company’s venture capital arm.

His mission was to identify and invest in the latest innovations within retail and fashion technology.

He built an enviable network of cutting-edge retail tech talent, developing partnerships covering the latest in marketing, production and customer experience.

Scouting for the latest innovations across retail’s value chain, Daniel talks about the technology driven future of retail.

He evangelizes the need for personal, immediate, and interactive mobile experiences, new filters, the importance of culture and how all retail businesses will become technology businesses.

He is a highly sought-after international speaker, recently delivering keynote addresses for the Retail Institute, Salesforce, Google and Facebook.

Keynote topics include:

Time To Play – Gamifying Retail

We have all played our part in how technology has disrupted the traditional world of retail. But in the shadow of the recent pandemic, technology has emerged as retail’s saviour. And as retailers scramble to accelerate their digital capability, a superpower exists that most know, yet few have mastered. It is the art of Gamification. 

This practical keynote provides the latest thinking in how gamification is changing the world of retail, across its entire value chain, and reshaping organisations.

Learn how to use simple techniques for your customers today, and leverage gamification as the winning effect for your business, culture and bottom line.

Game Changer

The keynote focuses its learning to the challenges currently faced by retailers. It proposes a detailed roadmap that can be adopted by any CEO or senior executive to ensure that their organisation is best placed to emerge from a period of meteoric change and establish itself as a leading force…a winner…a game changer.

With its motivational tone, the Game Changer keynote is about inspiring change and making tangible progress, in the belief that it is within everyone’s gift to be the game changer.

Is Shopping Fun Anymore

The keynote distills the learnings from thousands of disruptive retail technologies around the world, recent retail initiatives as well as the key learnings from a forerunner and undoubted leader in creating digital experiences, the video game business.

“Is Shopping Fun Anymore?” will challenge your thinking about how and why emotion must be placed at the very core of your digital strategy, whilst providing you with the key tools to make it happen. It will be one of the most important keynotes you will hear this year.

The Retail Power of “We”

The keynote proposes a step by step framework that retailers can either adopt fully or use to gauge their current progress.

The system draws upon best practices, both internal and external, seen across thousands of challenger brands versus their incumbent competitors. Noteworthy real-world examples underscore the various teachings and are used throughout. Emerging trends are considered.

With its inspiring tone, “The Retail Power of We” keynote will leave its audience motivated to take action and capitalise upon one of the most exciting periods of change in its history.