Dave Birss – Creativity Agent, Divergent Thinker & Innovator

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Dave Birss is not your normal keynote speaker.

After many years in advertising, his mind is now focused on applying creativity to benefit a broader range of business disciplines. His methodologies, frameworks and practical exercises have helped to accelerate innovation and idea generation for organisations worldwide.

Dave’s obsession with creativity – what it is, its role in history and what makes some people better at coming up with ideas than others – is at the core of everything he does.

And he’s hellbent on using these understandings to help everyone improve their thinking.

His dynamic talks captivate audiences with pragmatic advice and tangible techniques on how to tap into everyone’s creativity and unlock competitive advantage for any organisation.

Dave’s keynotes, Masterclasses and Creativity Audits range from co-creating meaningful new ideas, to designing education programmes for teams.

He’s used to running product development and marketing sessions for some of the world’s most curious companies.

His experience spans many industries, such as publishing, finance, government, education, broadcasting, technology, FMCG, and marketing. Dave tailors each talk he gives, aiming to challenge audiences with plain truths rather than tell them what they already know.

He explains the science of creative thinking with simplicity and humour.

Dave is on a mission to destroy the mystique around the creative process so that everyone comes up with better, less obvious ideas time and time again.

He empowers individuals and teams to harness the innate creative abilities that we all possess. And that all leads to competitive advantage and better results.


  1. Dave has developed a free set of practical web-tools and templates to help companies generate more valuable ideas;
  2. He invented a didgeridoo that can play in whatever key a band requires by combining a didgeridoo and a trombone;
  3. He’s the author of several books on creativity and innovation. His latest best-selling book #HowToGetToGreatIdeas is the perfect accompaniment to his masterclasses where Dave shows teams how to apply his brilliant thinking system;
  4. Dave can play 50 different instruments, and often uses some of them during his keynotes to demonstrate how to manage teams for creativity;
  5. He believes that brainstorms are a total waste of time and actually lead to fewer and less valuable ideas.


A brilliant resource for our creative teams across the UK. Simple, elegant, intelligent and relevant, ‘How To Get To Great Ideas’ debunks the BS around creativity and will elevate your thinking to produce more potent ideas

John-Paul Hughes, Communicorp UK

Dave’s a Rockstar on stage: brutally honest, he shares amazing insights on all sides of creative advertising. We were a tough crowd to please and he got standing ovations!

Ivan Minic, Digital Day Serbia