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Inma Martinez Keynote Speaker
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Key Themes and Topics

  • Applied A.I. for sectors in digital transformation: healthcare and insurance, pharma, energy, automotive and financial services
  • AI pillars for the future: ethics, big data, SME adoption
  • The future of work: how AI and the new EQ society will shape enterprises
  • The green economy and the circular economy: two disruptive approaches to solve the future of the economy
  • eMobility for eVolution: the future of the energy, automotive and smart living sectors
  • 5G, Cloud and Edge computing: the potentiality of super big data
  • The end of money: how digitization has changed the financial services landscape

About Inma

Inmaculada Martinez is a leading authority in the sectors of digital technology and machine intelligence.

Having pioneered the transformation of mobile internet, emerging digital technologies and sensor-based data throughout her career, Inma is available to hire as a speaker for a variety of corporate events.

Having formerly spoken in TEDx events, Inma is a seasoned speaker who covers topics such as artificial intelligence, disruptive digital technologies and innovation.

Best known for her illustrious career in technology and innovation, Inma is currently working as a member of the Steering Committee Multitask Expert Group at The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence.

Also elected to the advisory council to the State Secretary for Artificial Intelligence at the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain, Inma has forged a respectable reputation as an authority in artificial intelligence.

Inma has also claimed recognition as one of the Top 50 AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter and one of the Top 20 Women Changing the Landscape of Data.

Since the 1990s, Inma has been a revolutionary figure within the technology industry and has become well known for her talent to create social engagement through technology.

She has formerly had a great impact in investment banking, working for the firm Goldman Sachs, and has also enjoyed a corporate career with the likes of Cable & Wireless Plc.

She has also worked in an advisory role at the European Union and been an Advisor to SCOPE- the Government of Sarawak Centre of Performance Excellence.

Described as a ‘Firestarter’ by Fast Company, Inma has also enjoyed time as a guest lecturer in MSc Management, MSc Economics and MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Imperial College London.

Other prominent roles of Inma’s include being a member of the Council for Society Cooperation at Loyola University, a business collaborator for the UK Trade & Investment Agency and an investment board member of the Innovation Fund at the UK Department of Sport, Media and Culture.

Her illustrious career has allowed Inma to author two books, titled The Fifth Industrial Revolution: How Space Commercialisation Will Derive the Biggest Industrial Expansion of the 21st Century and The Future of the Automotive Industry.

She has also claimed recognition as the Best Contributor to the Formation of Strategy, from Bloomberg Businessweek.

In 2021, Inma was appointed as a member of the GPAI’s Innovation and Commercialisation of AI Task Group.

In May 2022, Inma was the stellar keynote speaker at the Brussels Economic Forum, the prestigious event of the European Commission, during which she presented her vision for the European Big Data Future.

She has also spoken for The Economist on the Future of Industrial Automation and Manufacturing from a Tech/AI Perspective, a true testament to her expertise as a speaker.

With a distinguished career to her name, Inma is now booked as a speaker for a range of corporate events. Establishing a reputation for all things technology, data and innovation, Inma has previously delivered the TEDx speech AI Machines and the New Super Humans and also claimed recognition as one of the Top 40 Women in Technology from Red Herring.

A confident, insightful and knowledgeable speaker, Inmaculada Martinez is the perfect speaker for events themed around technology and innovation.



A.I. is a giant step beyond data analytics and statistics. It allows us to address Big Data at scale and to deal with its enormous complexities. It can not only create the automatization and optimization of processes, but also reduce human errors where it comes to precision and detection. Best of all, A.I. predicts future outcomes.

It can perform on-demand and in real-time, as well as run 24/7 as an automated system. It has been trained to deliver what we ask of it. It can also reveal what we are unaware of. This is why it has become the ultimate tool for all sectors and industries. A.I. has not created new human ethics, but it has highlighted the need for them in the 2030 society.


Since 2011, digital technologies and Big Data have become the most powerful competitive attributes in every industry.

They have become the agents of radical shifts in business models and forced many sectors to venture into new unchartered territories.

Business is no longer “as usual” and disruption is the new norm.

Going against the grain, some big and small players have paved the way and showed the markets that digital assets and unbridled creative thinking are the best combination to create innovation and respond to market challenges with agility.


2020 represents the end of the era of IQ and the evolution of human capital towards EQ.

Because we will derive all that is quantifiable and computational to intelligent systems, even our cars, or the energy management of homes, workforces will be challenged to solve problems via creative approaches, creative thinking, and blue-skies imagination.

The future is one where human factors and ergonomics will force businesses to take human centric approaches, and these can only be generated by neotenic human minds.

In the next ten years, the old paradigms of fixed working hours, job titles and linear career paths will be abandoned in favour of flexible schedules, goal-oriented participations and lateral career moves within the same organisations.

Fantastic contribution to this year’s New Mobility World and IAA Conference in Frankfurt. We are thrilled that you played an active role in shaping this important network and dialogue around the future of mobility.

Dirk Evensong, CEO Evensong (organisers of New Mobility World and IAA Conference)

Inma has been able to convey a vision of the future for our sector in such an engaging manner, connecting to our various client territories, UK, Spain and Italy, where their feedback was extraordinary

Marco Prada, Managing Director Central & Southern Europe ASSURANT