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Business Change and Adaption
Employee engagement and teamwork
Overcoming personal barriers and obstacles

Jim Lawless Keynote Speaker
plenary session

Record breaking freediver and voted #1 Motivational Speaker outside of the US in the Global Guru rankings, Jim Lawless has inspired over a million people on five continents through his speeches alone.
As CEO of transformation innovators Symmetry, Jim is a leading architect of change and trusted advisor to international organisations, fast-growth companies and Olympic Teams.
As a speaker, Jim is loved internationally for his energy, humour, engagement and his lasting impact on mindset and action. He leaves a new vocabulary behind that lives on in meetings and in thinking.

Jim Lawless Keynote Speaker
plenary session

A Business Change and Adaption

Working with one of the world’s leading motivational speakers, you can teach your people the basics of the skill of change in an exciting, liberating hour.

Jim will inspire and empower your team to plan and commit to major strategy-supporting changes in just three hours.

Jim Lawless is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and a pioneer in the fields of change and performance shift.

He has inspired and empowered over half a million people on five continents.

What differentiates him, besides having proven his highly effective methodology personally, is his immense personal 1-1 connectivity with people in audiences of all sizes.

He has spent over two decades researching and delivering inspiration and rapid adaptation in business.

He has delivered for global organisations, start-ups and Olympic Teams.

He’s had the honour of helping well over a million people on five continents to learn the skills that we all now need if we hope to manage our emotions, flex our thinking, stay well and adapt fast.

If you still want to believe that ‘change is slow’, then Jim is not the speaker for you and your organisation.

If you want, or need, to adapt fast and inspire your people with the skills and mindset to come with you: let’s talk today.

Jim Lawless Keynote Speaker


Taming Tigers
Inspiration – Mindset Shift – Bold Action – Sticky Vocabulary

Jim Lawless keynote speaker

An inspiring, motivating and life changing series of stories, proven approaches to personal change and profoundly simple questions to each member of the audience.

All delivered with an infectious energy and humour.

Audiences leave with a simple and sticky vocabulary ensures the audience can remind colleagues of the experience during the challenges ahead.

A compelling framework that has been personally tested in extreme change challenges by the man on stage and some of the world’s leading organisations.

The Future of Work – The Future of Transformation
Informative – Thought Provoking – Urgent Call to Action

Certain trends accelerated so clearly in the pandemic that we can begin to see clearly what the future looks like and the pace with which we are meeting it.

Given the well-studied challenges that humans and their leaders encounter in adapting, and the proven ways of overcoming those challenges, the infrastructure, mindset and skills and leadership required to build the organisation of the future – today – become clear.

And many organisations have already begun.

The Inspirational Team Leader
A New Inspirational Role – New Tools to Inspire and Change Lives

The Future of Work is a flat, fast and smart organism. Each cell needs the information, inspiration and skill to decide and respond locally – and the environment to support those decisions.

That environment is, largely, the team.

Today’s Team Leader has a more profound impact on the people they lead, their success and the success of the organisation than ever before.

A new set of skills is required, the skill of inspiring adaptability, mixing empowerment with accountability and support and coaching peak performance.

Jim Lawless Keynote Speaker

It exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I wanted to let you know that the unsolicited feedback from participants has been resoundingly positive. A standing ovation is not given lightly by our European Leadership Team – a true testament to the value you brought to our conference and I’m confident that we are ready as a team to both tame and unleash our inner tigers.

Sinead Collins – HR Director European Cereal & Marketing, KELLOG’S

Jim spoke at our annual partner event. I was truly impressed with Jim‘s impact and style. His speech was motivational and inspirational in many ways. Our partners and employees commended us for having Jim share his thoughts and experience at our event.

Ali Faramawy
Area Vice President, Microsoft Middle East & Africa, Vice President, MICROSOFT International

Working with Jim proved to be challenging and a turning point for our Exec team. It allowed us to step back and examine how we were operating as a team and create a team agreement around how we would step up together.

Ursula Morgenstern – CEO, ATOS UK and Ireland

The Reason he’s so good is that he’s actually done it

Gary Hoffman
Former CEO Barclaycard and Vice Chairman of Barclays Bank.

I invited Jim to speak to my team at Palm Springs and Miami. At both events he got a standing ovation. We still use the Rules for Taming Tigers that Jim left behind.

Quite Beeler Highsmith – Chief Diversity Officer, Genentech

Having Jim on stage is transforms the audience. I have experienced twice how he is able to motivate, enthuse and move a hall full of people within minutes. Jim is THE person you need if you want to introduce creative, out of the box thinking.

Kursten Jung – LifeCycle Leader, ROCHE

Inspiring and motivating. An entertaining and powerful speech.

Maria Sebastian
Director of Worldwide Sales & Marketing, VIRGIN ATLANTIC
Jim Lawless Free diving