John Dalton – Head of Metaverse Technologies, PwC

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A specialist in immersive technologies, Jeremy helps businesses and governments understand the benefits of virtual and augmented reality and how they can be implemented to enhance training, culture and remote working.

Jeremy Dalton is a specialist in emerging technologies who help organisations understand the business value of virtual and augmented reality technology.

He founded and runs a Metaverse Technologies team, a startup-like division operating within PwC, that work across all industries to better understand, quantify, and implement the benefits of these technologies.

Jeremy has advised governments, the public sector, startups, NGOs, and academic institutions on XR (a collective term for both VR and AR) technologies and has published numerous analyses on their business and economic value.

He also wrote Reality Check: How Immersive Technologies Can Transform Your Business, a layman’s guide on the past, present and future of metaverse technologies, their misconceptions, and how they are being used in organisations globally.

He explores how XR can be used to enhance training programmes, collaborate remotely more effectively and improve company culture.

His work has been featured in many publications including The Financial Times and The Economist and he has worked with organisations including the World Economic Forum on XR initiatives.

He currently sits on the advisory board of Immerse UK, a government-backed cross-sector industry body that supports the growth of immersive technologies.