Jonathan Holloway – Change Maker, Experiential Designer

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Jonathan is a creative visionary, seasoned business leader and extra- ordinary storyteller who understands that every single organisation needs better tools to manage constant change, and create the unforgettable experiences that their customers and colleagues require.

His bold thinking and talent for connecting huge vision to practical action illustrate the compelling execution that great companies need to thrive in disruptive times.

From being head of public programmes at London’s National Theatre, to his role as Artistic Director of the Perth and Melbourne Int’l. Arts Festivals, Jonathan is renowned for his ability to take highly complex situations and projects, and deliver seemingly impossible results.

Using his techniques of influence, persuasion, clearly defined strategic vision and stakeholder collaboration, he equips leaders to harness change.

He inspires everyday heroes to create experiences that drive sales, employee retention, and business results.

GIANT Thinking…

His giant thinking is demonstrated through hundreds of stories from his three decades running businesses, with every organisation that has benefitted from his leadership seeing massive increases in customer base and turnover.

During his talks, Jonathan reveals the magic that is required to leverage the experience economy, that companies can translate into increased profitability and heightened engagement.

An enchanting and provocative speaker, Jonathan’s presentations are jam- packed with applicable tools, stories, and original theories that illuminate the methodology behind his genius.

Businesses who work with Jonathan are inspired to implement the kind of culture and iconic experiences that bring joy as well as brand-loyalty that stands the test of time.


  1. Has been a comedian, chief executive, educator, cultural leader, a chorister and can even do a mean Boris Johnson impersonation;
  2. As an Artistic Director, he commissioned Philip Glass to write and perform his final three etudes, brought Ennio Morricone and Macklemore to Australia for the first time and engaged Thom Yorke to DJ his 21st birthday party, pre-Radiohead;
  3. Was mastermind of the largest single arts event Australia has ever seen, where 1.4 million people spent three days walking with giants through the main streets of Perth;
  4. Following his incredible achievements, he was made an Honorary Citizen of the city of Perth, an honour shared by just four other people including Hillary Clinton;
  5. Kicked off an international arts festival with 30,000 people dancing in the streets, as angels and two tonnes of feathers fell from the sky.

Client Testimonials

Brilliant – highly intelligent, deeply empathetic, audaciously mischievous. He makes people laugh, feel, think and then go out and do something special


Jonathan is a dream to work with, a force of nature. Passionate, funny, highly effective plus an accomplished artist. He’s got great guts and artistic vision