Julie Zhuo – Former VP of Product Design for Meta

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Julie Zhuo is a top management expert, former VP of Facebook product design, and the bestselling author of The Making of a Manager.

Her book works as an “everything-you-need-to-know field guide” for leaders to rock their job, learn confidence, and lead their teams to new horizons.

Julie has led teams behind some of Facebook’s most popular mobile and web services, such as Facebook’s News Feed, the “like” button, and user profiles. As Facebook grew, so did her role and now she leads a team of more than 250 employees.

As a leader, she helps oversee the design and launch of new features as well as recruit, hire, and make sure her team is living up to the company culture.

More About Julie Zhuo

On her popular blog, The Year of the Looking Glass, she writes about technology, design, and leadership.
Her thought leadership has been featured in the New York Times and Fast Company.
She graduated with a computer science degree from Stanford University and lives with her husband and two children in California’s Bay Area.


For leaders and employees, one of the most stressful situations can be the giving and receiving of feedback. Feedback is necessary for people to improve their work and grow in their role.

When done well, feedback can help people improve and thrive in a position. When done poorly, feedback can create a culture of tension.

After working for over a decade at Facebook, Julie Zhuo has learned the art of giving and receiving feedback. Using stories from her experience, she provides actionable takeaways that can improve the experience for both parties.


The transition from employee to manager is cause for celebration and concern.
Beyond making reports, how does a person manage other employees?

What are the most important skills a manager should know to create a successful team?

When Julie Zhuo went from top product designer to Facebook exec, she was faced with the daunting prospect of leading her peers.

Fortunately, she had a mentor to guide her way, but many new managers are not so fortunate. Until now, that is.

Based on compelling stories from her own experience, Zhuo provides audiences with the mentorship and skills they need to lead and succeed.