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Laurence Moroney keynote speaker

Laurence Moroney is a Senior Fellow at the AI Fund where he works as an advisor to startups to find solutions to environmental and healthcare problems with AI.

A bestselling author, Laurence writes both fiction and books on programming, including titles like “AI and Machine Learning for On-Device Developers”, “AI and Machine Learning for Coders” and the “Legend of the Locust” Trilogy.

Currently the AI Lead for Google, Laurence advocates for AI and Machine Learning resulting in a developer ecosystem of millions today. He can now speak at a myriad of events, expanding on AI and Machine Learning.

Through his position at Google, Laurence wants to arm developers with all the knowledge they need about AI. He does so through conducting teaching courses on Coursera, edX, Udacity, and other Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

He also designs certificate curriculum courses that aid developers in proving their expertise in AI and ML systems and creates presentations and workshops at Google IO on frameworks, technologies, and roadmaps on Google AI.

Having completed BSc in Physics and Computer Science from Cardiff University, a PG diploma in Microelectronics Systems design from Birmingham City University, and a Graduate Certification in AI from Stanford University, Laurence has a strong background in technology and AI.

Starting out as a Product Manager at Vicon Industries, Laurence has also been a Senior Architect at Reuters, Director of Technology Evangelism at Mainsoft (now, and Senior Developer Evangelist/Product Manager at Microsoft, working on Silverlight the fastest growing plug-in of its time.

A prolific writer as well, he has written countless books about programming, fictional books like “Space Cadets” and “Transhuman” and some comic books.

As a speaker, Laurence delves into all things related to artificial intelligence, machine learning and TensorFlow.

He believes in educating, inspiring and informing and does so through his work as AI Lead at Google and through the speaking engagements he can be hired for.

If you are looking for a speaker who is keen on sharing the knowledge he has accrued over his many years of experience, look no further than Laurence Moroney.


2018 – Lead Artificial Intelligence Advocate for Google
2013 – Staff Developer Advocate for Google
2013 – AI Lead for Google
2006 – Senior Developer Evangelist & Product Manager for Microsoft
2005 – Director of Technology Evangelism for Mainsoft
2000 – Senior Architect for Reuters
1995 – Product Manager for Vicon Industries