Lindsay Herbert – Author of Digital Transformation

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Lindsay Herbert is the author of Digital Transformation, a Bloomsbury business book that has received international praise for its practical framework on how to drive major change through innovation at enterprise scale.

Her core message is that real digital transformation is about learning to become more adaptive to change itself. Success comes from the ability to react to the small and early signs of change, leveraging data, technology and new ways of working along the way.

Lindsay is also an IBM Inventor and the Chief Innovation Officer for IBM Garage where she advises the leaders of major companies on how to further their innovation agendas, as well as creating breakthrough technologies for IBM itself.

Her most recent invention is the IBM Instant Checkout, a revolutionary innovation for retail. This ground-breaking technology has resulted in international media coverage, including BBC World News and a segment on BBC Click.

Lindsay is also a Governor for the Museum of London, appointed by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to help inform the Museum’s own digital transformation journey. She also chairs the BIMA Innovation Council.

In her talks, Lindsay’s innovation lessons are brought to life with her own insider experiences, as well as inspiring stories from company leaders around the world. Audiences leave empowered and ready to drive real innovations in their own organisations.

Talk synopsis

Digital Transformation: The Bear in the Room

Too many company leaders waste their innovation attempts on ‘elephant in the room’ type problems.
To create innovations that matter, you have to tackle the ‘bear in the room’.

In this talk based on her internationally acclaimed book Digital Transformation, Lindsay will share three critical rules for spotting the bears from the elephants and achieving real innovation success.

For each rule, she’ll share transformation stories to illustrate the practical next steps needed now and beyond the pandemic

In addition to stories and case studies from organisations around the world, Lindsay will reveal her own hard-won lessons tackling bears in the name of innovation.