Louise Fowler – Business Marketing Strategist

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Louise Fowler is one of the UK’s most successful business leaders. She launched the British Airways Executive Club, and then the first beds on a plane, which revolutionized business travel and propelled BA to the top of the travel service industry. Previously Marketing Director of Britannia Building Society, she’s currently Marketing and Consumer Specialist at Davenport Strategy.

Louise’s strategic outlook and polished stage presence, coupled with her use of valuable examples of borrowing ideas successfully from other businesses, and practical approach to leadership, make her keynote speeches accessible and always impressive.

Returning to her marketing roots, Louise was then tasked with leading BA’s global marketing where she devised the celebrations to mark the retirement of Concorde in 2003.

A regular keynote speaker, facilitator and event chair, Louise helps audiences define and deliver breakthrough customer strategies by stressing the centricity of customers and how to connect with them in the digital age.