Lucy Adams – CEO of Disruptive HR, Culture Expert

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  • How HR and Leadership Practises Need to Change Fundamentally
  • Creating a Better Normal
  • When Power Corrupts
  • Preventing A Bullying Culture
  • Retention, Development & Remuneration
  • Disruption
  • Leadership
  • Communication & Engagement

CEO ‘Disruptive HR’, Lucy Adams brings a fresh perspective to business-minded audiences looking for innovative practices in leading their people.

Being on the Board of the BBC through a turbulent period as its former HR Director, Lucy knows what it takes to lead change in a high-profile environment; as a keynote speaker and conference facilitator, she discusses how leaders and the HR profession can adapt to uncertain times.


Lucy Adams is widely known as an expert in human resources. Throughout her career, Lucy has dedicated her time to bettering the working environments and relations of some of the country’s largest companies.

From the BBC to Serco, Lucy has developed her expertise in communications and has spearheaded the HR offering of a range of companies.

With previous experience in remuneration, business strategy, change management and restructuring teams.

Today, Lucy is often booked as a keynote speaker for events covering her expertise in business and human relations.

Throughout her career, Lucy has sat at the forefront of HR for many respectable companies.
Her best-known roles include being the HR Director for Serco Rail and the Group HR Director for Serco.

Within these companies, Lucy was responsible for leading change within the organisations such as developing new strategies for remuneration, long term incentive schemes and change solutions.

Lucy is also well known for her tenure as the HR Director of the BBC, where she achieved great success such as reducing costs for the company by 20%, pension reforms and restructuring of the BBC Executive Board.

In the early days of her career, Lucy began work as the Head of Strategy and Development for North Yorkshire TEC.

She then later went on to work as the Business Development Director for PKF, building her knowledge of the inner workings of organisations. From then on Lucy has worked to better the corporate environments for employees at countless different organisations.

She has also worked as the HR Director for Eversheds, where she restructured the leadership team, and as the Director of Firehouse Productions Ltd, an award-winning communication agency.

Since leaving Firehouse Productions, Lucy has worked as the CEO of Disruptive HR.

Disruptive HR was developed to combat the ineffective HR that is frequently seen in the corporate world, bringing innovative and fresh approaches to human resources.

In partnership with Disruptive HR, Lucy dedicates her time to keynote speaking at a range of corporate events.

As a speaker, Lucy is sought for her in-depth knowledge of business, covering topics such as leadership, communications and engagement.

Having sat at the helm of various businesses Lucy is the perfect choice as a speaker to bring understanding to innovative new forms of HR.


Loved Lucy- absolutely brilliant. She lifted the energy in the room and had people buzzing afterwards.

Head of Internal Communications, BT

Very inspiring and experienced, she was very relevant and the feedback was very positive!

T-Systems Ltd

Lucy spoke at one of our recent HR Community events and she was passionate, entertaining and most importantly engaged with the audience of HR professionals in a way that was fresh and very thought provoking

Belinda Whitehouse, Employee Relations Lead at Accenture

I heard Lucy speak recently and was more impressed by her presentation than I have been by any other for a good few years. Lucy provides informed, evidence based theory and practice to deliver a pragmatic but stretching proposition which calls us all to be better in what we do.
She uses her experience, in particular at the BBC, but not in a pruient way. She is professional, insightful, personable and very knowledgeable. I look forward to hearing her speak again.

Ffion Griffith, Global HR Director at Efficio