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#1 Amazon bestselling author in business ethics and organizational strategy

  • Named a Forbes Top Female Futurist
  • 100+ keynote talks and strategic workshops with global reach incl. Oslo, Kuwait, Peru, Brazil, Serbia, Amsterdam, India, South Africa and more
  • Practicing strategist for the world’s biggest global and emerging brands
  • Champion for horizon technologies in AI, socio-economic systems and distributed networks
  • Frequently included on Top 10 lists of speakers
  • Executive Producer/Event designer; 1st TEDx licensee; co-Founder Femme Futurists Society


The future isn’t happening to us; it IS us.
Biased in wonder and optimism, Nancy is a strategic futurist focused on building a safe, inclusive, thriving future.

Believing we have a once in a generation opportunity to rethink, reimagine and reshape every industry and social construct we call life, she supports and champions those actively architecting bold solutions and guides the visionary leaders eager to meet this call.

An active strategist working on horizon solutions, Nancy is eager to share her insights on emerging technologies and shifting cultural expectations in ways that get everyone deeply motivated by the possibilities…and confident to start building.

Nancy Giordino speaker


Nancy Giordano is a strategic futurist, corporate strategist, and bestselling author who has consulted on a portfolio of $60+ billion well-known brands and given more than 100+ global keynotes.

With a drive to help enterprise organizations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead, she advises leaders on the organizational structures and new mindsets necessary to effectively harness the significant technology innovations heading our way.

Nancy built a formidable career at several of the most influential ad agencies in NY, Chicago, and LA and for more than a decade has been the Founder/CEO of Play Big Inc., a strategic inspiration company.

Her current work dives deeply into the emerging intersection of tech, business and society.

Her expertise and experiences range from A.I., to frozen foods, to reinventing the internet, and all of her projects have a key common denominator: transitioning away from the extractive operating systems and outdated business thinking that no longer holds up… to create the more sustainable, inclusive and dynamic solutions the future demands.

Author of the Amazon bestselling book Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger, Nancy is a frequent panelist at South by Southwest, global keynote speaker, Singularity University guest lecturer, and the world’s first TEDx licensee.

She is recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists, and is co-Founder of the Femme Futurists Society.

Talks & Topics

Just One Percent In

Preparing for the first Exponential Productivity Revolution.

When you speak with the visionaries, technologists and entrepreneurs building the solutions of tomorrow—from on-demand retail to remote surgery—and ask how far into this new era we are, almost universally the reply is: “only one percent”.

For many that is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.

What will it mean for your organization?

Insights include:

  • Learning what’s on the horizon and the potential impacts.
  • Moving beyond industrial era mindsets and reframing risk.
  • What makes this moment especially potent.
  • How to prepare when the future is an exponentially moving target.
  • The evolution of societal scaffolding.
  • Why purpose matters more than ever.
  • How work processes are shifting and changing shape
Nancy Giordino speaker

2030+ | The Beyond Economy + How We Can All Build at Better Next

We are standing at the front end of an astronomical shift in how the world will work.

And change will happen fast, with some predicting more than fourteen internet size revolutions in the next decade.

As we pull out of a once-in-a-lifetime crisis, both technological advances and mounting societal breakdowns are reshaping what comes next.

Can you imagine where we’ll be ten years from now?

How about 50?

What will happen when:

  • We have increasing global abundance?
  • Everything, everywhere is connected?
  • Demonetization and democratization of legacy models accelerates?
  • We have extended human longevity and health?
  • Super intelligence with brain/computer interfaces is achieved?
  • GDP is replaced with a more accurate measure of economic prosperity?
  • We reprioritize for ecological regeneration and environmental stability?
  • We redesign the future with confidence and care?

The Future of Work and Working.

Culturally we’ve come to define work as a job we are paid to do.

However, it is becoming clear that this is a very limiting definition that distorts our view of what the future really needs and expects ahead.

As we imagine a world heavily influenced by exponential technologies, how will our experiences and roles shift? What are the issues and opportunities this will bring when we consider:

  • Worker wellbeing
  • How to attract the talent of the future
  • Becoming an irresistible organization
  • Scaling from a culture of efficiency to a culture of learning
  • Four scenarios for the future of work
  • The important distinction between the future of work and working
  • What it means to be status fluid and why it’s so important


Ms. Giordano was probably one of the best speakers I’ve had the privilege to watch. It really got me thinking and excited for our future.

Kristin M., Eternal Ink LLC

Nancy was a huge success and I would have her speak with my teams again. She is an awesome human being and inspiration.

Giovanna Morley, CEO Worldwide Clinical Trials