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  • Nick is one of the Top Keynote Speakers in the World
  • All of his talks are 100% customized and based on Audience Trend Analysis
  • Audiences and Meeting Planners, love his Five Star Talks
  • Serves the Top Brands in the World
  • Nick is not an Innovation Theorist! He has been awarded over 40 US Patents
  • Number One Bestselling Future Trends, Leadership, Innovation, and Healthcare Author
  • Served as an Adjunct Professor, and Chief Innovation Officer for a Top Medical School
  • Book Nick Now, and receive thousands of dollars in value-added, books, and resources

Nick is one of the Top Innovation Keynote Speakers in the World. As an Innovator, Nick has been Awarded Over 40 US Patents. His books on Innovation are Number One Bestsellers.

As an advisor he serves some of the Best Brands in the World, leading innovation in their marketplace.
His Five-Star, Customized Live and Virtual Talks are High Energy, Fun and Impactful.


Long before he became one of the most in demand futurist speakers in the world, Nick Webb was a successful entrepreneur and inventor, working on the front lines and competing against many of the biggest companies – and winning!
Despite a calendar packed with global speaking and media engagements, he’s still very much involved in business. “You cannot give advice to others,” he says, “unless you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the trenches!”


Nick is constantly researching the best organizations in the world to identify how they leverage the power of innovation to ensure their future readiness. His recent book, “What Customers Crave” is a number one bestseller and his just released book,” The Innovation Mandate” is already a number one bestseller.

In Fall of 2020, his publisher will release to bookstores worldwide his latest book, “The Healthcare Mandate.”


His medical designs are used by hospitals and doctors around the world every day. Additionally, he has designed and launched products into many other market categories including, industrial and consumer products.
Nicholas has also designed a complete line of educational toys that went on to win Best Product of the Year and Best Toy of the Year. His company was acquired by a multinational corporation.


Nick provides Speaking, Training and Consulting Services to the Top Brands in the World. Organizations are looking to work with innovation practitioners, not innovation theorists. Nicholas has a vast body of research and real-world practical experience as an innovator, corporate strategist, and researcher.
Additionally, Nicholas is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) through the internationally accredited Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) and a Six Sigma Black Belt Professional (SSBBP)



Nick is booked by the top speaker bureaus in the world, to serve as a keynote speaker for some of the largest events hosted by the top brands.

Nicholas routinely receives a five-star rating for his customized talks that deliver an entertaining and fun approach to delivering actionable content.

Nicholas books out each year and has a reach of tens of thousands of happy audience members.


Nick provides a free Discovery Zoom call, so you can ask the tough questions and really get a sense as to why Nick is one of the most popular keynote speakers.
If you’re ready to book Nick now, simply reach out to check his availability.


Is your Speaker Providing you with a Trend Assessment?

Nick leverages his patent pending TrendMap™ that evaluates over 120 key trends specific to your event, organization and audience. This provides fresh insights, that provides actionable insights that matters to your audience. This report is also used by meeting planners to build out their entire curriculum. Oh yes… and it’s free!

Nick Webb™ Nick Webb is one of the top futurists, healthcare futurist, technology futurists, innovation futurist and consumer trend futurists in the world.

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Nick is one of the Top Healthcare Speakers. He speaks on Emerging Technologies, AI, Healthcare Economics, Hospital and Clinic Trends, Healthcare Innovation, Patient Consumerism, and the Future of Healthcare.

Nick has very fresh research in healthcare from his Number One Best-Selling Book, The Healthcare Mandate, and from his Award-winning Documentary Film The Healthcare Cure.
Nick has served as a Chief Innovation Officer for the top medical schools and an Adjunct Professor. As a Consultant, he has worked with the top brands in healthcare. His perspective is one of a Practitioner, not Theorist.

Nick Webb is a True Subject Matter Expert on Healthcare

In order to drive scalable growth and quality patient care, healthcare organizations need to become disruptive innovators.

Nick is one of the top Healthcare Futurists and Experts in Healthcare Disruption.
All of Nick’s talks are customized to meet the needs of your audience.

Talk Takeaways

  • The Innovation Mandate – What every leader needs to know about the future of healthcare
  • The Three Big Shifts – The impact of Consumerism, Technology and New Economic Models
  • Healthcare Technology Trends – Emerging technologies, what you need to know
  • Patients as Consumers – Going beyond Patient Experience Design to drive growth and patient satisfaction


Nick has been voted one of the top speakers in the world, and his topics around Future Trends and Innovation have been delivered to the best organizations in the world.

As a successful inventor with over 40 US Patents, and as a Certified Management Consultant, Nick brings real world insights to his talks.

He leaves his audience with actionable takeaways that they can apply immediately in their organization to drive Innovation and Sustainable Growth.

Nick Webb is a True Subject Matter Expert on Innovation.

The marketplace is the subject of massive disruption. This disruption is mandating that organizations build Innovation as a Core Competency. All of Nick’s talks are customized to meet the needs of your audience.

We are living in a time of massive disruption, this disruption lives across three key areas that include, the impact of Consumerization, Enabling Technologies and New Economic/Value Models.

Despite the rapid changes, many organizations are holding onto a “legacy mindset” with a death grip.
In a time of change, the best organizations in the world are developing Innovation as a Core Competency.

Innovation Guru Nick Webb will provide actionable insights on how to drive sustainable growth, and future readiness through the power of Innovation Leadership.

Talk Takeaways

  • The Innovation Mandate – How the best organizations are driving growth
  • Innovation Leadership – Top leaders are building Innovation as a Core Competency
  • The C-19 Economy – How the new economy is rewarding the most innovative organizations
  • How to make innovation REAL – Go beyond the innovation “bumper sticker” and learn the real principles of enterprise innovation

Happiness and Happy Cultures

What does Happiness have to do with Innovation?

Turns out everything!

In Nick’s just-released book Heyday – how to make every day the best day of your life, he discovered that the best organizations in the world have a culture of Happiness.

Nick doesn’t speak on Happiness as a theorist, rather he speaks from the perspective of an Organizational Happiness Researcher and Advisor to help some of the top brands in the world.

His talks show his audience how to deliver the highest degree of market value, and growth by implementing “Happiness as a Strategy.” Nick Webb is a True Subject Matter Expert on Happiness.

In Nick’s recent two best-selling books, “The Innovation Mandate” and “The Healthcare Mandate” he discovered something interesting.

He found that organizations that were delivering the best patient/customer experience were organizations that made happiness a priority.

He also discovered the important linkage between happiness and stakeholder collaboration that drives enterprise innovation.

With these discoveries in mind, Nick is excited about announcing his happiness keynote topic.

Nick has also just completed a breakthrough book entitled, Heyday -“how to make every day the best day of your life”. 

Talk Takeaways

Happiness as a Strategy™
When it comes to happiness Nick is far more than one of the top speakers on the subject. As a certified management consultant, he works with some of the top brands in the world to help them make enterprise happiness a reality. In this powerful talk Nick provides a fresh perspective on how organizations can actually make happiness an integral part of their organizational strategy. The benefits that are accrued to an organization that makes happiness a priority is significant, and that’s why he delivers real-world practical insights to audiences that want to make happiness part of their organizational DNA

Building Great Teams
There is much discussion about the importance of building high performing teams. The problem is, most organizations think only about how they are going to achieve a better return on their employees. Great organizations, know that in order to build a great team you need to begin with the principles of enterprise happiness. Performance comes from individual team members that believe in your mission and are thriving by virtue of working with your organization. The simple truth is this, happiness is the fueling force of the best teams in the world.

Happiness in the New Workforce

The new workforce sees their job and career as a consumer product. They want the experience to be friction free, fair, valuable, and part of their own personal evolutionary journey.

The old-fashioned authoritarian approach towards managing a team is gone, and it’s gone for good. The new workforce also has options in a time of “talent drought.”

In fact, nearly 90% of all potential employees will check your reputation on how you treat employees on websites like Glassdoor. Organizations that have poor ratings will deflect talent away from their organization.

This results in significant costs that include recruitment, attrition, and organizational efficiency and growth.

This powerful talk Nick provides a plan of action on how to address the changing employee landscape.

You… The Chief Happiness Officer

The best leaders in the world are now serving two job functions which include Chief Happiness Officer.

CEOs and other leaders are ultimately responsible for the scalable success of an enterprise, and today that includes happiness.

When you think about it, virtually everything that we seek to achieve within our organization is driven by talented and motivated employees.

Without happiness, we are unable to attract, inspire and keep the talent that we need to serve our organization’s mission.

This powerful talk provides a playbook for CEOs, managers and leaders on how to serve their organization’s mission through the institutionalization of employee happiness.