Dr Pippa Malmgren – Economic Policy Adviser

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Since serving in the White House, Pippa has founded an advisory firm, co-founded robotics company, and written bestsellers on the world economy and leadership. She now advises the UK Department of International Trade and the MoD. She identifies actionable trends by weaving together geopolitics, technology, policy end economics. Pippa describes herself as an unusually optimistic economist.

Before launching her London-based asset management firm, Dr Philippa Malmgren was Deputy Head of Global Strategy at UBS. Her chief role is to help fund managers better understand how politics, policy and geopolitics will impact on the financial markets.

Pippa is also the founder of the DRPM Group which advises global investors and key trends, and co-founder of AI drone and robotics company H Robotics. She has served as a market advisor in the White House and sat on George W Bush’s National Economic Council – and before that taught at a Beijing university.

In presentations Pippa offers a global overview, from the implications of commodity prices in emerging markets to the key economic challenges for governments on both sides of the Atlantic. However, Pippa also looks beyond the economic towards social and political events from civil conflict and inequality to natural resources, technology, urbanisation and foreign policy. The author of Signals: How Everyday Signs Can Help Us Navigate the World’s Turbulent Economy looks at the commonplace signs of economic trends and what they really mean. She also considers how leaders can best deal with the changes and uncertainty ahead. In a world where conventional power structures and expectations have been subverted, she considers how leaders build trust, develop strategies and create a new concept of leadership. It’s an idea she’s examined in her book, The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century, which was named Business Book of the Year.

In uncertain times Pippa provides real nuggets of wisdom about the global economy. It’s fascinating to listen to someone who talks with such fluency about the factors that are having an impact on just about everything we buy and sell. You walk away feeling much better informed and a little bit smug about the inside knowledge you’ve gleaned.