Richard Shotton – Consumer advertising and marketing

Topical keynote Speakers & Experts -

  • Author of “The Choice Factory,” a best-selling book on applying behavioural science to advertising.
  • Founder of Astroten, a consultancy focusing on behavioural science applications in marketing.
  • Worked with brands such as Coke, Lexus and comparethemarket.


Richard Shotton, stands out as a pivotal figure in the fusion of behavioural science with marketing.

He is not only the acclaimed author of “The Choice Factory”, a best-selling exploration into applying behavioural science insights to advertising, but also a highly sought-after speaker.

Richard’s speaking topics delve into the inner workings of how behavioural science can be applied in marketing, advertising strategies, and consumer psychology, providing valuable insights for audiences across the globe.

Beginning his career 18 years ago as a media planner, Richard has had the privilege of working with high-profile accounts such as Coke, Lexus, and

His journey from media planning to specializing in behavioural science underscores his commitment to understanding and influencing consumer behaviour.

This specialization led him to establish Astroten, a consultancy dedicated to leveraging behavioural science for solving marketing challenges.

Richard’s impact on the field extends beyond his consulting work. He is renowned for his engaging and informative training sessions with brands of all sizes. Through these sessions, he shares cutting-edge behavioural science insights to address and solve diverse business problems.

His ability to translate complex concepts into actionable strategies makes him a valued resource for businesses aiming to enhance their marketing efforts.

“The Choice Factory” stands as a testament to Richard’s expertise and influence.

The book illuminates the power of behavioural science in advertising, offering readers a comprehensive guide to making informed, effective marketing decisions.

As a thought leader, Richard’s contributions to the field have not only enriched the knowledge base but have also provided practical tools for marketers to innovate and succeed.

His ability to captivate and educate audiences through his speaking engagements is unparalleled.

His deep understanding of behavioural science, combined with his practical experience in marketing and advertising, allows him to deliver presentations that are not only intellectually stimulating but also immensely practical for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.

Whether he’s addressing a room of marketing professionals or conducting intimate training sessions, Richard’s engaging delivery, and insightful content make him a highly sought-after speaker across the globe.

His talks offer a rare blend of scientific rigor and actionable advice, making every speaking engagement an invaluable opportunity for learning and growth in the dynamic field of marketing.