Rob Richman – Creator of Zappos Culture Insights

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Was at before, during and after the acquisition

Helped the company grow from 1200-1700 people (50% growth)

Monetized culture, turning it (culture) from a cost center to a $9mm business

Developed the Zappos life coaching program

Started the first co-working space in America

About Robert Richman

Robert Richman was Culture Strategist at Zappos, and author of The Culture Blueprint, a systematic guide to the high-performance workplace.

Robert co-created Zappos Insights, a Zappos subsidiary educating companies about the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture and world-class customer service.

He took the proof of concept from a small website to a multi-million dollar business teaching over 25,000 students per year.

Establish a culture of working toward a singular mission and common goal.

As one of the world’s authorities on employee culture, Robert is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences around the world and has been hired to teach culture in person at companies such as Google, Toyota, Westin, Salesforce, Anthem, Bridgestone, and Eli Lilly.

Robert helps companies build culture through experiences.

Break down barriers between teams & leaders.

Using principles of high performance and self-organization, Robert creates an event called Open Space that lets the group focus on what they are most passionate about then follows up with recorded insights and action items.

He works with companies both virtually and in-person to tap into the full potential of their teams.
Robert is also well-versed in the cryptocurrency markets and is writing his next book, The Decentralized Company – An open-source guide to building a self-managed, distributed workforce.


Warren Buffett said there is one determining factor for successful brands:

They delight their customers.

Inspire your people to deliver outstanding service in this energized experience about surprise and delight.

Zappos became known for delivering and receiving 90% NPS scores.

Learn the secrets of creating a great experience from Robert Richman, the former Culture Strategist at Zappos.

THE SECRET OF WORLD CLASS SERVICE became known for being #1 in Customer Service as rated by American Express Customers.

Come to learn the game-changing secrets from Zappos Culture Strategist, Robert Richman.
You’ll learn how great service drives revenue and why your customer’s frustrations are your greatest gift.

You’ll learn about designing great experiences and developing a culture to sustain a high level of service.

Robert is known for his Culture Hacks and will teach you fast action tips that work for the C-Suite all the way to front line agents and managers


Change is the new normal. Entire industries are being disrupted. Simply having a great product and service does not guarantee market leadership.

And employees who are simply doing a good job is no longer the standard for a world class company.
In this talk Robert shares stories about disruption, and the principles behind it. It then gets really exciting when he shows how they can be applied to your business in a counter-intuitive way.

People at all levels of the company will benefit from learning how they can out-do themselves, increasing both performance, as well as people’s passion for their own jobs.

In this keynote, you’ll get…

  • How the best organizations in the world keep their people inspired.
  • Why most culture work is actually the equivalent of spoiling children.
  • How to take the principles of online gaming and apply them to creating the most engaging experience for employees.
  • What to look for in new employees and questions that will help you learn the truth immediately.
  • The #1 metric to measure culture and how one small shift can create massive engagement.


Culture Hacking a way for anyone at any level to shift the culture.

As Culture Strategist for and the manager of Zappos Insights, Robert learned how to create change fast by using the power of hacking for good and applying them to culture.

Robert leaves the group with three high leverage tools that can be used immediately to create long-term change.

Audiences are excited to become culture hackers and often report making changes the very next day.

In this keynote, you’ll get…

  • How Hackers exploit networks, and what we can learn from them to shift the network of people.
  • Why it’s better to destroy what’s not working than to spend time and money on initiatives that may not work.
  • How to turn customer and employee complaints into innovation.
  • Pre-fabricated culture hacks based on years of testing.
  • Why standard feedback mechanisms don’t work, and how to hack them.
  • The secret to learning what is that you don’t know that you don’t know.


Engaged employees are productive, efficient, and have a great time. This means low turnover, and highly motivated employees you don’t have to micro manage.

Values-based companies have employees who manage and motivate themselves.

Robert shares stories of the strength of the core values at (A company that became the #6 Best Place to Work in America and #1 in Customer Service), then shares the science behind why they work so well.

Once you learn the secrets behind how values work, you will know how to shape culture.
Robert gives the group a process to use in discovering and then implementing the values across the organization.

In this keynote, you’ll get…

  • Inspiring stories about how companies shifted their industries.
  • Counter-intuitive principles to actively created disruption (rather than getting disrupted!)
  • How to create stability in your organization, so that it’s safe to disrupt without jeopardizing the company.
  • Techniques for shaking up jobs and careers in a way that enlivens people and reinvigorates their passion.
  • Activate demonstrations, Q&A and live disruption.