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Sarah Weise is the CEO of award-winning marketing research agency Bixa and the bestselling author of InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z. For 15 years, Sarah has been a guide to hundreds of leading brands including Google, IBM, Capital One, Mikimoto, PBS, and Real Warriors, to name a few.

Bixa Research

Bixa is an award-winning market research studio delivering the customer insights you need to capture attention, influence your audience, and transform your business.

You offer brands the quantitative and qualitative edge they need to see a clear path forward.

You specialize in mobile youth: Generation Z and Millennial research.

Yet whatever your research project, with Bixa, you’ll get fresh research-based insights that drive direction and help you craft radically intuitive experiences.

Fearless Thinkers, Researchers & Innovators

Sarah and her team at Bixa are a Team Of Fearless Thinkers, Researchers, Innovators.

Their multidisciplinary group will work with you to explore and discover your audience segments and tinker, to find precisely what works for your brand and your customers.

They don’t just do research. They deliver results.

At Bixa, we help brands make clear business decisions by getting to know their customers. We do this through qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Sarah helps brands achieve a laser-focus on their customers and build experiences that are downright addictive.

Sarah Weise lectures at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business on marketing strategy for the next generation and speaks at conferences and corporate events worldwide.