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Timothy Armoo Keynote Speaker

Timothy Armoo started Fanbytes at 21 and built it to a 75-person business helping brands like Nike, Deliveroo, McDonalds, Dominos Pizza, Samsung and even the UK Government engage with Gen Z through influencer marketing.

With tens of thousands of followers on LinkedIn, Timothy Armoo is definitely redefining the way the world sees Gen Z.

In 2022, 5 and a half years after launching Fanbytes, Timo sold it to global marketing company Brainlabs in an 8-figure deal becoming one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the UK.

As an accomplished public speaker, Timo gives keynotes helping corporations like Goldman Sachs, PWC and Nespresso understand how to future-proof themselves with Gen Z and Gen Alpha.


At 17 years old, Timo discovered the world of business starting a small business media publication called EntrepreneurExpress. Within 11 months, it was bought by US media company Horizon Media for £110,000.

This hooked Timo into the world of business and social media.

At 21 years old, Timo launched Fanbytes – the groundbreaking Gen Z agency helping brands like Nike, Samsung and the UK Government to market to Gen Z.

In 5 years, Timo grew it from an idea in his bedroom to a team of 75 people before it was acquired by global agency Brainlabs in an 8 figure sum.

Whilst running Fanbytes, Timo has become a thought leader in understanding the Gen Z mindset, how companies can create a multi-generational workforce and the rise of new media.

What Timothy speaks about

  • Why what most people say about attention spans is wrong when it comes to Gen Z.
  • How embracing social media as the new TV can help brands deeply engage with audiences – showing a case study of how the British Government used this principles to achieve 5 billion views on TikTok and a 30% uptick in young people getting checked for covid.
  • Explaining how to recruit and retain talent – having built a company to 75 people of mostly Gen Z I can share some practical insights including creating “social contracts” rather than financial contracts”. 
  • Having 12-month assessment periods etc.
  • How organisations are becoming media brands and publishers and what this means for your organisation – this includes lessons learnt from reinventing organisations like Department of Education and the ACCA 
  • How to leverage niche communities to become the most talked about thing on social media.

As a highly sought-after speaker, Timo has spoken on global stages from New York, to Dubai and Beijing on how brands and corporations can tap into the most influential generation we’ve seen.

“Most Influential Person in Marketing and Advertising” – Evening Standard.
“Leading the new school of marketing” – Forbes Magazine.
“Creating the WPP of Gen Z” – Huffington Post.
“Creating the WPP of Gen Z” – Huffington Post.

Below are some of the organizations that Timo has spoken for:

Goldman Sachs, Deliveroo, McDonalds

Timothy Armoo Keynote Speaker

Testimonials for his talks for some top global brands

Timo’s talk with Sheryl was incredibly engaging to our META small business network. The back and forth between them was very natural and inspiring for our network.


Timo’s views on the future of marketing and how to engage with Gen Z is second to none. His ability to further distil those strategies to inspire and empower teams on a tactical level is everything we wanted in a talk.


Timo’s deep understanding of where the puck is skating for Gen Z helped to shape our discussion as we dealt with competitive threats in the marketplace.