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Tom Cheesewright is a speaker who scares and inspires people in equal measure, with his clear and powerful stories of tomorrow.

Using his unique ‘Futurist’s Toolkit’ he can turn his analytical eye to any industry, impressing the audience with his deep understanding and giving them a unique take on where they are heading.

Tom Cheesewright is the Applied Futurist, helping people and organisations around the world to see the future more clearly, share their vision, and respond with innovation.

Tom will help you and your audience to connect tomorrow’s world to today’s experience, and make sense of what’s happening next, and why.

Tom’s clients include global 500 corporations, government departments, industry bodies and charities.

Using a unique set of tools that he developed, and now teaches and licenses to others, Tom finds the critical intersections between today’s macro trends and the existing stresses in each client’s organisation and sector.

These are the points at which the greatest change will take place.

Tom is a frequent presence in the media, his face, voice, and unusual name recognisable from weekly appearances on TV and radio including BBC Breakfast, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, 5live, Radio 4, and TalkRadio, and in The Guardian, The Times, and The Evening Standard.

Topics Tom is most frequently asked to address ‘The future of…’ the industry or sector to which he is speaking.

He can prepare tailored talks for any sector using his Intersections methodology.

In the past he has successfully applied this approach to cars, construction, energy, food, sports, retail, and even superyachts! Tom also speaks frequently on the following subjects:

  • High Frequency Change: why we feel like change happens faster now, and what to do about it
  • Infinite Choice: how technology has lubricated innovation creating an explosion of choice. How will brands – and consumers – respond in the future?
  • How to future-proof your business: building sustainable success in an age of high frequency change

Tom addresses multiple aspects of future business in his work:

  • Future of finance
  • Future of retail
  • Future banking
  • The future of money
  • Building a future-ready organisation
  • Future of recruitment

What do you get when you book Tom to speak?

Tom is an experienced speaker with an audience of his own who is happy to work with you to help you promote your event.

This can include:

  • Pre-event video
  • Promotion on social media (14,500 Twitter followers, 4500 LinkedIn connections)
  • Co-operation in pre-event PR and media interviews
  • Contributed articles for event blogs or programmes

Tom is most commonly asked to keynote but he is happy to chair panels or interview other speakers on stage, while he is at the event.

Tom really delivered what we asked of him in our future focused keynote, leaving our audience re-evaluating their business’ ability to adapt into the future with some key learnings from global industries. Tom was also great to work with ahead of the event and was an excellent chairman on the day, neatly tying the threads of different sessions together to give a lot of insight for our audience.

Catriona Smith, World Rail Forum

On behalf of BTC, I would like to thank you for the stimulating speech you held on our Sales Meeting in Prague. You gave an engaging talk that featured a good mixture of technical issues and practical examples. The insights you shared with the audience also on a personal level, made your speech truly entertaining and opened up the opportunity for a lively debate.

Marko Grozdanic, Managing Director, BTC Europe GmbH

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