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Starting with a degree in Psychology and an emphasis in consumer behavior, Travis cemented his passion for the concepts of the human condition and an understanding of basic human nature.

To further understand how humans worked, he moved to Denmark to perform neurological research at Aalborg University.

Working in a lab and seeing first hand how the brain worked through EEG readings and simple task results, Travis was hooked on the human brain.

Travis felt like his understanding of human behavior could be useful in the business world, and upon returning from Denmark, he continued his studies and pursued a degree in business management and eventually went on to earn his Master of Business Administration.

During his business curriculum, Travis focused on Organizational Behavior and Theory, advanced Accounting, and Operations.

After spending time working in the corporate and consulting worlds, Travis enrolled at Harvard to continue his Neuroscience and Neuropsychology studies.

In his professional career, Travis has been working in the field of Change and Transformation for over 12 years helping large Fortune 100 and 500 companies accelerate their journey to become the company they have dreamt of.

His focus on strategic change, employee well-being, and corporate culture have all based in driving an employee first corporate mentality.


Travis attributes much of his success in driving transformation to his unique knowledge of business, psychology, and neuroscience and believes that understanding human behavior is the key to running a successful, future proof organization.

Travis brings this belief to work every day in his role as Global Change and Transformation Lead at Google.

Human Behavior

After years in corporate America and recognizing that the business world often lacks a basic understanding of human behavior, Travis started The Neurological Nomad with the mission of helping to bring neuroscience, neuropsychology, and psychology to today’s business leaders.

Having hosted over 100 speaking engagements to date ranging from private forums to large scale conferences, Travis continues on this mission today.

His signature talk “The Neuroscience of Change” has been acclaimed by many business leaders as the “Aha” moment where they realized why their current or past transformation efforts have fallen short and many have reported using the concepts of neuroscience in their upcoming transformations has not only yielded significantly better results but also happier employees.

Popular Sessions delivered by Travis

The Neuroscience of Change

The Neuroscience of Change takes audiences through what the human brain goes through when presented with change.

This overview of neuroscience and neuropsychology aims to help leaders understand their people, coworkers understand one another, and executives understand the importance of leveraging human experience at the center of any change.

Leveraging Neuroscience to Drive Lasting Change and Transformation

This second iteration of “The Neuroscience of Change” dives deeper into the functions of the brain and the roadblocks they can cause for transformation.

Beyond diving deeper into the brain, this session also shares practical tips that the audience can use right away to help increase their likelihood of driving successful change.

Creating Smooth Transitions: Post COVID-19 Return to Office

After a work from home environment with COVID-19, this session focuses on how to best bring your employees back to the office.

With tips on how to design your plans with a happy brain in mind, advice on hybrid planning for the best productivity, and practical steps any organization can take to make their transition back to the office as smooth as possible for their employees.

Don’t plan your transition back without this session first.

Driving Culture Change with Neuroscience

Culture is one of the biggest buzz words in today’s corporate environment.

Companies are looking to redefine their cultures as new generations of employees are looking for not just a job but a career with the right company culture.

This session dives into how culture is created and cultivated within an organization and how you can leverage what we know about neuroscience to strategically change your culture including some simple steps that can make immediate changes for the better.