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Conference speakers

Conference & Keynote speakers

In this section you’ll find a whole host of speakers for your conference. We can help you with on-stage conference & “panel” moderators & facilitators so that your event runs smoothly and to schedule, to entrepreneurs, businesspeople and industry leaders.

We have speakers on the exciting future of technology & digital trends too.

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Thimon De Jong speaker

Thimon De Jong – The Future of Human Behaviour in Business

Julie Meyer speaker

Julie Meyer – CEO of Ariadne Capital

JP Nichols speaker

JP Nichols (US) – No.1 Fintech Radio Show Host

Jo Ann Barefoot speaker

Jo Ann Barefoot (US) ) – Future of Fintech Expert

Georgie Barrat Speaker

Georgie Barrat – Leading Technology Journalist & Broadcaster

Dave Birch speaker

Dave Birch – Digital Financial Services Expert

Brett King speaker

Brett King (US) – Voted American Banker’s Innovator of the Year

Bianca Lopes speaker

Bianca Lopes (US) – The Intersection between Humans & Tech

Todd Buchholz Speaker

Todd Buchholz (US) – Former White House Director for Economic Policy

Megan Greene Speaker

Megan Greene – Chief Global Economist at John Hancock Financial Services

Dr Phillipa Malmgren Speaker

Dr Pippa Malmgren – Economic Policy Adviser

Thomas Anglero Speaker

Thomas Anglero – IBM Innovation & AI Expert

Roger Bootle speaker

Roger Bootle – City of London Economist

Richard Browning

Richard Browning – CEO of Gravity industries

Nisha Pillai speaker

Nisha Pillai – BBC World News

Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai – Online Persuasion Expert

Mel Carson speaker

Mel Carson – Former Microsoft Marketing Expert

Jason Schenker speaker

Jason Schenker – Chairman of The Futurist Institute, President of Prestige Economics