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A great awards night needs a great awards host. Our collection of awards hosts come from a variety of backgrounds including comedy, television, news presenting and sport. Find what you are looking for here or ask our team if you have a more specific host in mind.

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Sharanjit leyl awards host and presenter

Sharanjit Leyl – BBC World News and Bloomberg TV Presenter

Karishma Vaswani awards host and presenter

Karishma Vaswani – Current Broadcaster with Bloomberg, former BBC Asia

Emma vardy TV presenter and award host

Emma Vardy – Award-winning BBC Correspondent and Presenter

Mariko Oi awards host and moderator

Mariko Oi – BBC Presenter and Correspondent, Business, Finance

Manisha Tank TV presenter

Manisha Tank – Event Host and Moderator (Singapore)

Charlie Webster awards host tv presenter moderator

Charlie Webster – Event Host, Moderator, Journalist

Lusia Baldini award host and presenter

Luisa Baldini – BBC News Reporter, Panel Host, Moderator

Lee McKenzie Award host and presenter

Lee McKenzie – One of Formula 1’s leading broadcasters

Emily Maitlis award host and presenter

Emily Maitlis – Award-winning broadcaster

Sally-Anne Edwards awards and presenter

Sally-Anne Edwards – Best UK Compere 2020

Maggie Lake awards host and presenter

Maggie Lake – CNN Journalist, Moderator, Host

Katty Kay awards host and presenter

Katty Kay – BBC U.S. Special Correspondent

Polly Middlehurst awards host and presenter

Polly Middlehurst – News Anchor, Event Moderator

Rosanne Lockwood award host and presenter

Rosanne Lockwood – News Anchor, Moderator, Host

Samuel Burke awards host and presenter

Samuel Burke – Technology Journalist, CNN Reporter

Awards host and presenter

Sasha Qadri – Bloomberg, Sky, CNBC Presenter

Selina Downes awards host and presenter

Selina Downes – Al Jazeera English, Reuters, ITN, Sky News

Maria Ramos awards host and presenter

Maria Ramos – International News Anchor, Event Host

Laura Buckwell awards host and presenter

Laura Buckwell – Dubai-based British moderator, event host

Kate Prescott awards host and presenter

Katie Prescott – Technology Business Editor at The Times

Julliette Foster awards host and presenter

Juliette Foster – Award-winning TV and radio presenter

Joe Tidy awards host and presenter

Joe Tidy – Tech Host, Cyber Expert, Presenter, Moderator

Cristina Criddle Awards host and presenter

Cristina Criddle – Technology Speaker, Host, Moderator

Christian Fraser TV host and presenter

Christian Fraser – Speaker, Moderator, Facilitator, Host

Natalie Pinkham Inspirational Speaker

Natalie Pinkham – Sky Sports F1 Pitlane reporter

Emma Paton awards host and presenter


Laura Tobin awards host and presenter


Susie Dent Presenter

Susie Dent Lexicographer, TV personality, event host

Stephen Buchanan Awards host and presenter

Stephen Buchanan

Sikisa Micky Flanagan Award host and presenter


Micky Flanagan Award host and presenter

Micky Flanagan

Lily Phillips Award host and presenter

Lily Phillips

Helen Bauer Award host and presenter

Helen Bauer

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Cally Beaton

Patrick Kielty

Patrick Kielty

Untitled design

Francesca Martinez